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Stonetree Field Testers

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We love the sound of music--especially music being made on a Stonetree! Here's some of our players with their guitars and comments:

Jason Lerma w/Aaron Watson








Oli Brown: It is absolutely incredible. It sounds so unique and so powerful. It just sounds so incredible. EVERYONE is asking about it because so many people love the sound of it.






Billy McCoy~Janie Fricke: ďI am a multi-instrumentalist making a living playing music in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I have had several custom and high end manufactured guitars...and still have some of the best. MY Stonetree Custom T has not taken a back seat to any of them. Matter of fact it is my NUMBER ONE guitar NOW!!!! I do studio session work and live work and the first guitar that is played is my Stonetree. It does the job of a tele or a strat. The swamp ash body and Fralin pickups are absolutely the BEST...and the addition of the B-bender was over the TOP. I have the best looking, best sounding AXE in town now....and a lot of people are noticing! This guitar has TONE to BURN!!! I canít wait for the opportunity to build another. Thanks again for the great work and craftsmanship on your guitars. My standards are HIGH and Stonetree really surpassed my standards and all the other manufacturers by a few light years!Ē



Eric 'Roscoe' Ambel~Steve Earle, The Yayhoos: "The Stonetree guitar is a handmade instrument. Itís not a collection of parts. It plays and feels like a brand new old guitar. Itís got a boatload of character. It plays like a fine acoustic, it sings when itís unplugged. The Stonetree has made me want to play it from the first time I picked it up and it just keeps feeling better."





Jason '12 Fingers' Coomes~The Shamans: "I have a lot of strats - good strats - and when I asked Scott to build a guitar for me, I was quite discriminate about what I wanted. When I received the final product, I couldn't have been more pleased. It wasn't good, it was great. It surpassed my expectations in every way - tone, feel, and looks. I never thought I'd find another guitar that I enjoy playing as much as my 63' strat, but here it is!"





Mike Sanford: "In the music business your tone is your name just as much as your lyrics or music to a song so I played many of the big hitters in custom guitars. Right before I was going to purchase a killer Tom Anderson I heard about Scott. It blew me away when this man said he'd send me his guitar to Texas for me to try out. That's confidence. Needless to say it was a world of difference from all others. But I wanted to take myself and put everything that I am into a guitar. Everything from the look to the tone. Scott and I talked for a good month and by the time it was said and done he sent it and I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears. How do you explain style and perfect tone without hearing or seeing it? My music is diverse and this instrument takes me anywhere I want to go. If you want to design a guitar different from anything you've ever seen or the best vintage tele/strat sound you've ever heard since '55 do yourself a favor and try one of these guitars. Your heros will be proud."



Staley Rogers~Gene Watson: "Soundmen just love my bass--it's the only one I use anymore!"







Michael Hewett: "In the short time I've been playing your guitar, I feel closer to my heroes and more able to create the music that's in me. Scott Platts' Stonetree guitars are the best. My prototype he built is like a dream."






Joe Bonamassa: "This is the best one yet...I don't know how we're going to top it!"






Chris Stuart: "This guitar is a dream to play and the sounds that come out of it are endless! I can't MAKE it sound bad!"

Jeff Cobble

Onstage with his daughter, Ashton


Giving his new Roscoe Deluxe a beating at Smith's Olde Bar

Steve Purcell

With Damon Smith at Whiskey River, Macon, GA

Jim Campilongo

Onstage with Martha Wainwright

Mark McKay

In Chicago w/Roscoe sitting in

Curt Lund

Backstage at the 2002 Wind River Blues Festival. Note that Curt owns FIVE Stonetrees! What more can I say?

$hane Douglas

Makin' that Nashville juke joint jump!

Chris Duarte

Performing "Drivin' South" at Smokin' Moes, Winter Park, CO

Dennis Feeney

Onstage with Mark McKay

Oli Brown

At the Wind River Blues Festival, Pinedale, WY



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