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This is where we'll announce the most recent happenings at Stonetree and our players. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

This just in...


Stonetree will be available at Mountain Cat Guitars : Proprietor, Doug Myer has one of the coolest shops ever--it is ultra customer oriented where you can have the whole guitar store to yourself and really get to know a guitar before you purchase. Located outside of NYC, you can visit the website at: www.mountaincatguitars.com. Doug is a super nice guy and one of the most knowledgeable people in the business. It is an honor to have him carry Stonetree.

David Bray Marshall Mods: What's a great guitar without an amplifier? Pretty quiet...I don't build amps, but I certainly appreciate a fine tube powered amp. I keep a blackface Deluxe reverb, beefed up silverface Princeton reverb, Mesa Blue Angel 4X10 and a Dr. Z Maz 18 jr. for gigging and testing of my guitars. David Bray brought one of his modded Marshall half stacks over and I was knocked out! Imagine getting that great dimed Marshall tone at levels that won't get you tossed out of a club--he really has tamed the beast. Do not confuse his work with typical master volume distortion--plus he can custom tailor gain and eq to meet your needs. See www.davidbrayamps.com. Update: I simply had to have one of Dave's hotrods, so I found a 1987x 50 watt reissue and had him do the Mod I, dual master and the 'Slow Attack' switch. I have to say it is one smokin' amp...if you are looking for the ultimate brown tone, this unit has it in spades!


Here are some of our favorite sites--folks who own our guitars and some of the companies who supply components to us and some that are just interesting sites to visit:


www.ericambel.com      www.markmckaylive.com

www.aaronwatson.com www.jimkellermusic.com

www.michaelhewett.com   www.jascoguitar.com

www.jbonamassa.com        www.jeffarundel.com

www.feeneymusic.com   www.anthonygomes.com

www.covertocoverrock.com www.yayhoos.com


www.mikesanfordband.com www.oliselectricblues.co.uk

www.theronbrownband.com www.marklwilliams.net





www.stearman.net   KCLW radio

www.davidbrayamps.com  www.drzamps.com

www.fralinpickups.com   www.buzzfeiten.com


www.hansondidit.com  www.grandblues.org

                                          Billy McCoy, from Arlington, Texas, on stage with Janie Fricke

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