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Semi-Hollow Designs

ROSCOE DELUXE: This guitar is the result of collaboration between Eric 'Roscoe' Ambel and myself. The tone is best described as killer--fat and squawky. It has a chambered swamp ash body and a spruce top with 'bear claw' figuring. It has Fralin P-92 pickups and a Bigsby vibrato coupled with a Tonepros bridge. Upon receiving the prototype, Roscoe described the tone as 'fantastic'! He used it in a session for Keri Noble's new album and Keri's producer, Jeff Arundel was knocked out by the guitar--so much so that he ordered one for himself. If you need a distinctive tone and look, this is it! Update: Since Roscoe got his Deluxe (Senior mahogany), he has been playing it for nearly every situation. "I'm pretty much ruined. That guitar is ridiculous...everyone is slayed by the sound of that guitar. Since the Roscoe Deluxe showed up last summer it has pretty much changed things for me as far as all the guitar switching goes. Put it this way. There are a bunch of very sexy guitars over at my Studio stomping their feet and biting their pouty lips for lack of attention. Way it goes."  SOUND CLIPS: CLEAN MARSHALL DIRTY MARSHALL

The Roscoe Deluxe is available in Junior and Senior sizes. Choose swamp ash back for spank or mahogany for warmth.

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Like all the guitars I build, you can have the Roscoe Deluxe built to your specifications.

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Oli Brown Semi-Hollow Designed for Oli Brown and incorporating many features of the Roscoe Deluxe like the spruce top on a chambered mahogany body, Fralin P-92 pickups and 25.5" scale length coupled with a smaller body and hardtail bridge.






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